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Welcome to the future of severance payments. With super environmentally friendly "cryptocurrency!"

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Filllzcoin to Launch in Response to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Craze

In response to the ever-growing popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Life Winks is proud to announce the launch of its own digital currency, filllzcoin. This new currency is designed to help people create digital wealth instantly from legal, co-parenting and blended family severance issues.

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Our Mission

Improve the human condition by helping you bring Family to life. We accomplish this through an innovative cryptocurrency technology at the intersection of organic rewards and cryptocurrency, private ultra-safety constructive child safety file network and so much more.

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Before: You don't like that you have to pay for your kids' needs when their parents are going through a hard time.

After: Imagine having an app that allows you to earn filllzcoins every time your child's parent goes through a hardship. Filllzcoins can be used at participating retailers and restaurants nationwide, or redeemed online for gift cards, merchandise, and more!

Bridge: This Project opens up dialogue to start withdrawing filllzcoins from the Filllzcoin App from families who've endured serving our country in the military wars and domestic household wars. The Filllzcoin App will be available for Android and iOS devices.

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Welcome to The Filllz (coin & game) Project.

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