The Filllz Project

Gamified Survival & Rescue
In a world fi_ fi_ fi_ full of free systemic barriers and radical digital spam, robocalls, social media schemes, and exhausting irreplaceable precious resources just to survive, there is no hope. The Filllz Project (coin & game) will be an action packed adventures where unsustainable systems rule. But beware, Options of Light could change everything!

Welcome to Family and Independence of the future

Playing Fi-fi-fi-Fillzcoin app game on phone

Fi_ Fi_ Fi_ Filllzcoin

Introducing the comprehensive Filllz project. The fun family financial technology (FunFamFinTech) adventure game. A smartphone game app project (and future digital currency) to help everyone self-develop resiliency better by defeating unnecessary digital bits or there much feared counterpart - concrete draining business border policies. Not "Options of Light" for family and friends. But, rather, options of fi_ fi_ fi_ failure.

Boy holding his throbbing ripped out heart, while "esteemless" wilted flower and covered "unkowability" montras play out in the background in the form of two written signs and two emojis.

Un-esteem & Un-knowability

Sadly, the world is full of vivid tricks and endless concrete divisions.

Playing the Fillzcoin app game with a sign reading "unregenerative" and a wilted flower emoji beside it in the background

Un-regenerative Family

Even in apps and around money exchanges we are flooded with vivid tricks, traps and concrete divisive deals that separate us from our own reality and our own abilities to follow through on what others put on us. Sometimes, we never even know what we're paying for until their later train of deal's are done. We get baited in and hit with stacks of deals or flooded with loads of spam, instead of the one simple thing we're promised.

"Be a designer now" Filllz written next to four pieces of digital currency

Esteem & Knowability

Gladly, The comprehensive Filllz Project will save Family, provide ultra-safety and bring Independence to life! It's a blast fun competing against other digital foes who love to mislead! Score while combating those cavity creators!

Filllzcoin game app with the word "Regenerative" and a healthy flower emoji in the background


We measure to treasure a sustainable future for people and the planet by calculating what pains you.

Long dark road on the left side, bright sunshine and green grass on the right side, and mascot Ace, who's a young boy dressed in a nice suit, holds a Filllzcoin in one hand and a child safety file in the other hand.

Regenerative Family

Families who benefit from Filllz often face challenges such as poverty, financial barriers, and misinformation cavities.

Mom and dad together swinging two kids, with signs that read, "Real family trials don't have borders, just border-ish."
Smart Treasury
Yield sign with a broken Y sign signifying the 28 borders most divorced or separated parents with children face. (Also called 28 nuclear family gaps).
The world of Filllzcoin and the dangers that inhabitant it await. Do your children face painful concrete cavities too?
A sign with two speech bubbles overlapping each other with a normal "Y" sign on it, and a list of 25 Borderi-ish, not so severe nuclear family gaps.
Loose the borders! Score for idea fillings. Issue fillings. Counselor, deal, and terms fillings. Score more for table, chair, pen, counsel, voice and record fillings!Bonus scores for peace, debate, financial, social, academic, emotional, representational, and psychological fillings too!
Infograph with 3 charts. One is the rise in number of school shootings, two is a list of best countries in the world to raise a family, and third is the number of children born into divorce

The Dire Statistics

America is reported to be the most litigious country in the world. It's no surprise the US see nearly 100% of the world's school shootings, poorest quality family experiences, and the most negative effects on children due to the onset of parental disability, high conflict divorce, deployment to war, school strikes, co-parenting and blended family issues, etc.

The Filllz Project: One unrepresented life at a time. Champion the new.
Gamify your mark on the world with Filllzcoin! Where players always remember 1st chances 1st, while slaying the beasts of misinformation.
The Filllz Project helps children, adults and providers to live their best lives possible,while building super resiliency and super sustainability.
Image of a mom wrapping her arms around her daughter saying "The Filllz app awarded mom 10,342 filllzcoins." And the mom saying, "And she rewarded me 350 points on my Filllz game. Best day ever!"

Note the Difference

Automatically notice the difference from scratch this project and future Filllz severance payment app makes. Imagine you and your child had this brand new shiny Filllzcoin (and fun integrated game). You can see them, know them and use them everyday for financing and gaming. Something that resonates with both of you. Something that you have in common no matter what. Helping you build bonding experiences like no other in a fun and wealthy way.

Now, imagine that you don't have Filllz.

That's the difference The Filllz app (coin & game) will make.

What's your future story?

Is it regenerative fun, financial or technology freedom?

Or, is it still un-regenerative like all the shady bullies?

Left side of image is a long dark road with a boy holding his throbbing heart in his hands and words that read, "Gamify these stories...." And the right side is bright sunshine and green grass with mascott Ace holding a filllzoin in one hand and his child safety file in the other with words read, "...into these."

Healthier Childhoods

The Filllz Project - Please help uncover the real silver lining in any nuclear family tragedy (or case cavity) one unrepresented life at time. Blending organic constructive bits with every deconstructive "bit" that takes Family down.