The Hollow-to-Filllz Paper

This Hollow-to-Filllz Paper (not unlike Bitcoin’s white paper with a side of Dogecoin's startup meme) released May 28, 2022 and embedded here on Kickstarter Story is a revolutionary innovation that replaces the need for unsustainable coins and paper money in any situation. The project is based on the concept of "filllz" or "filler" in a popular Turkish game. The object of this launch is to sustainably fill empty physiological spaces (absent sight, absent sound, absent senses, etc.) within child-parent diplomacy by providing scarce fillllzcoin. Think of an allowance but out of some else's pocket. Stay tuned for more information on how our product will work phasing into everyday life and how you can get involved!

Our decentralized, peer-to-peer network primarily develops constructive Child Safety File networks and parental safety bridges at the dangerous high conflict intersections of divorce law versus law. These private ongoing engagements are vital to de-risk childhood, promote ultra-safety, and open access to parenting performances during the known psychological warfare of adversarial separations and high conflict legal divorce protocols. There's no need for blockchain or security intense digital technology to begin Filllz. Think, "Mom and child agree there was eight hours apart - done deal!"

When tragedy strikes, kids often feel lost and alone. They have a million questions but don't know who to ask. That's where Life Winks comes in. For a small coin, kids can ask any question they want about their parents' disability. The community of parents are here, understand and are knowledgeable. And they're there to help kids understand what happened and why.

Sarah was always a good kid. It was a tough time for the family. The father had been in a car accident and was now wheelchair-bound. The mother had to work extra shifts to make ends meet, and the kids were often left alone.

One day, while the mother was at work, the phone rang. It was the school nurse, calling to tell her that her son John had been in a fight. The mother was devastated. She knew her son wasn't a fighter; he must have been defending himself against someone bigger and stronger.

She rushed home from work, but it was too late. Her son had been suspended from school. She didn't know what she was going to do. How would she be able to afford to send him

Life Winks has been a godsend for Sarah and her brother. She was able to ask all the questions she'd been too afraid to bring up with her family or friends. The parents loved that they got to exchange filllz coins with her to cheer her up and prevent unnecessary outside pains she might have experienced otherwise.

When people are disabled, or children in the middle of high conflict deployments and divorce, they feel the grind of being different. Every second of every day. Everything weighs on them more than other people. Plus, at the time, they're less able to carry that load. So it's double heavy.

On the other hand, centralized exchanges (sometimes with self-absorbing tunnel visions) are endlessly well-positioned. Leaving out the most basic deals. Creating hollow ____ (blank) spots in the middle where separated parents (in family law versus law court cases) are only able to trash talking each other, trash file each other, trash finance each other, trash debate each other, and trash socialize each other. Principles, settings and stages where separated political caucuses have to likewise "solve" the ____ spots by only "politicizing" each other instead. In other words, no one fills nor has means to fill those monumental data gaps organically - until now.

Without filllz, your severance has others covered.

With filllz, your severance has you covered.