What's your favorite cryptocurrency? Do you think a digital cryptocurrency like Filllzcoin stands a chance?

Introducing filllzcoin

Hi. Welcome to an increasingly miraculous bit. Bitcoin was launched beginning with a technical manifesto. What's known as a white paper (Sarkar, 2021). Dogecoin began as a joke, but soon after it was created, it gained a following (Frankenfield, 2022). Launching the innovative cryptocurrency filllzcoin at IndieGoGo aims to be another memorable start, and could also change the world by introducing a new severance payment exchange along with exchanges of organic family value practices.

With filllzcoin, disabled parents and children can have the same opportunities as other people to spend time and bond with each other. But most parents as well feel guilty every time they have to work and can't spend time with their kids. Or when blended family and co-parenting issues arise. We all worry that our kids are not getting the attention they need to survive hostile physical and digital worlds.

Now there's a way for every child and disadvantaged parent to compete for attention like a boss! The total Filllz Project (coin and game) will help them connect through fighting the enemy, saving the princess, video calls, photos, messages, and reverse financial incentives.

And with a pile of filllzcoins, either on the scoreboard or in the payment app, parents can know that quality time when they see it. The app will be free to download and easy to use, so we'll be able to stay connected with our family 24/7.

The Filllz Project finally lets vulnerable people, especially in vivid or in divisively unhealthy circumstances, compete for the time and attention we all deserve.

What do you think the favorite cryptocurrency of special needs children and Generation Alpha will be?

A new information economical way to change: Filllz

In response to the ever-growing popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Life Winks is proud to announce the launch of its own digital currency, filllzcoin. It will be better than free and be involved in the new Filllzcoin gaming app. This new super environmentally friends "currency" is specially designed to organically help powerless people create digital wealth instantly with legal and blended family severance issues. Flllzcoin will hopefully someday be accepted by participating digital wallets and can be used to purchase goods and services online. An easy way for people to create wealth and improve their financial, family and fun situation!

How to avoid unsafe labor expectations during injury cases

This project is also for anyone who has or is experiencing disability applications after an injury, family court mechanisms after divorce filing, strikes after labor dispute, deployments after deadly wars, etc. and wants to help rescue or prevent unnecessary risks. Even if you "won," the current systemics set up a false dichotomy of "winners" and "losers" in two-party deals. Because in reality, when parents, for example, are pitted against each other and staged to fight, everyone loses--especially the children. Likewise in ongoing new disabilities, school strikes and deployments to war.

Filllzcoin rescues everyone and leaves no one behind, while launching a new un-cryptocurrency for instant digital wealth.

Is Filllz for me?

The one thing you should know is that our work is afforded the opportunity to speak for itself. Our preparations are always pre-actions. Like designing a skyscraper ahead of time on paper. And never post-actions. Like yelling louder and louder playing Monday morning quarterback.

Not only is it sad when children are bullied at school, but they also have difficulty telling their parents about the abuse because of how embarrassed and ashamed we make them feel. With no options available for compensation or relief after being targeted by another child on an ongoing basis - financially speaking- there's little hope until policy changes shed light onto these issues. The pain endured by those who've been relentlessly tortured can be imagined; imagine what you would do if your income was taken away from you without any say over whether that happened every day during lunch time?

Think of the total Filllz Project as preventing the financial loss in the first place, and like compensating for the work involved taking said action to a trial in post-action.

Unfortunately, many parents and even more vulnerable children are not able to voice their personal pains and emotions when they have children. They feel that it would be too embarrassing or shameful for them in the eyes of others so instead of dealing with these issues alone using traditional methods such as talking things over with friends/neighbors etc. They seek out lawyers who will take on cases involving disabilities or family law disputes because there is money involved! This leads several families getting stuck finances after lawyers fees drain them beyond sustainability.

Who else rescues like Filllzcoin?

On the morning news viewers often see car crashes in real-time. And we see first-responders and good friends who don't wait for reruns and then try to go and help. They filllz a need right then and there organically.

Imagine you're a child and your mom and dad are each their own automobile. Say mom is a Nissan and dad is a Dodge. Yet, they no longer travel welded together nicely like they used too. Instead they constantly crash into each other. Until one day, their marriage deal is totaled. But you're a child and have a special needs that can't wait for that scene to get replayed in family court. It needs filllz now organically.

Pretend you've been a stellar employee all your life and your health is an automobile. But it wrecks. Any child(ren) you have will have special needs and can't wait for that scene to get replayed in disability court. It needs filllz organically now. With enough backer friends, there's a smart treasure incentive on the horizon to operate as first responder.

How do new paid family rescues work?

Opens access. When children in blended family situations feel the need to be in their biological parents lives, but barriers are like one new mom car and dad car are welded together going one way, while one new dad car and mom car are welded together going another. Which makes access both mom and nixed and impossible at best.

Old deals alone = endless problems

When divorced parents feel the need to know they're connected to their biological children, it's currently unfavorable financially to prevent those pains (and make those children's dreams come true). Secondly, it's already biologically unfavorable and also financially unfavorable to consider options of post-actions. In other words, we're frozen because that way is frozen.

Pivotal dual faculties

Did you ever had mask fatigue during the Covid-19 pandemic? Fatigue escalated to the point where you were openly hostile towards people who either did or did not wear mask. If so, then you might understand a concept in engineering known as critical fault.

Designs in engineering without redundancy is called fracture-critical. Like writing a book AND saving the file. Fracture-critical means, as the name implies, that a single broken component can cause the collapse of the entire structure. Between children and their parents, that missing piece can cause the collapse of all three in multiple areas. Like three cars that start crashing into each other no first responders!

In engineering, redundancy is the duplication of critical components or functions in a system with the intent to increase reliability, usually in the form of backup or fail-safe, or to improve actual performance. Like an automatic image endanger for the cover of a book you designed, and a back-up file storage system for a book you wrote.

So, imagine mask fatigue (on steroids) again, and you're mad plus hurt, but now there's reverse compensation faculties - a severance payment app.

The Filllz Project = new relief from the old severance labor pains

Nearly half of Americans, including children, who have carried the weight of a severed deal from a loved one knows that it takes work to endure those absences. Those later debates. We know that we know what it feels like.

Those deals put on ice can escalate and inherently happen in two spaces: nuclear family gaps in reality and legal case cavities in disability or divorce court. No matter if it's the work involved with a child not visibly seeing a parent every day or not physically hearing mom's voice. There are physiological severances at play. Work that is often legally frozen in time the way it is, or not fairly considered and compensated for.

Sure, disability and divorce courts can rule on (and counselors can defend) the loudest and richest voices in those space, but what about the most absent? What about the most silent carrying the heaviest weight too?

Funding this Kickstarter is a payment mechanisms for fair compensation and in a new way. Kids with special needs shouldn't have to struggle with this work load plus emptiness in spaces all around.

The Filllz Project builds a new "options of light" repository - Family with a capitol 'F' - Independence with a capitol "I"

Think internet search when you have a question!

However, keeping money and technology aside, we also know that many people enjoy living on the edge. Some don't like to work or look for opportunities when there's money in the bank and no need for information. So, while we keep the old severances intact with you, by way of taxes, we're also going to be releasing detailed bridges of concierge case developments. The "internet" of ultra-safe adversarial cases just in case. As these organic data metrics are released, we'll include links to meetings, YouTube channels, reviews, etc. to gain understanding as to how filllz will be coming to light in the diversified personal finance and technology spaces.

Filllz diversifies, or opens detours to reckless misuse

The sad fact is, there's a lot of well-financed ghosting going on out there. Whether that's one side of a debate ghosting the other, or vice versa. But children who are always bullied in the middle while getting ghosted in front of officials. Normally, that's just because they are vulnerable. They have no seat at the table.

Vulnerable children with broken parents can get almost unconsciously ghosted even in life. No matter which burden they carry while visiting one parent at a time.

Parents and children in blended families can feel ghosted from their loved one that they're not able to spend time with. These are but a few of the misuses filllz will be double relieving. Imagine case like car accidents and disability with a side of relief for the kids and suffering parents.

Value your family and society differently too

Our goals are simple. For every child to have an affective and healthy family, for everyone to have access to their family law (financially and informationally), to open access to healthy severance pay and constructive exchanges by delivering filllzcoins to nearly all of us. A People never before compensated for our nuclear family severances (for those who want it) and constructive records deals. A world full of new opportunities. Not just on paper transactions, but personally and virtually too. So please, join us saying Cha-ching! Like, share and donate if you can. The secret jackpot under your feet is here: filllz.

Old value

We all sacrifice. Spending money to go to work in exchange for money is just the way it is. Some even exhaust resources using electricity to mine for digital money. (Think of being a kid and seeing your parents "spending money" to make money.

But, what if these sacrifices paid for themselves upfront?

A new total cryptocurrency

Deals with a side of Filllz are "options of light." Severance pay for starters. Before you leave the house in the morning and the first dollar is spent chasing money. And Filllz is a smart family exchange too. Like being asked a question at school knowing the teacher has the right answer. A true safety net for the unchosen few who experience extreme severances. (Designed for intermittent real-time facts and truth in childproof contracts and policymaking too).

Without Filllz

Have you ever been in a class in school when the teacher asked a question and you knew the answer. So, you raised your hand up high with excitement. 🖐 You turn and look around. No one else is raising their hand. So you get a little more excited.

But, the teacher never calls on you. That's what typical exchanges are like. One person "knows it all," the other subject, and the kids left out. A boss-servant-left out relationships.

Typical cryptocurrency exchanges don't directly enable users to sustain their current state of being. That's quite the conundrum when it comes to sustainable currencies.

And what if your need transportation money just to get to work, but don't have it?

What if your child feels ghosted by a parent from a separation situation who simply does not have the finances to be available?

We have seen so many children who are caught in the crossfire, being shot and traumatized. There is a severe lack of social incentives for these kids to prevent their parent-child severances from happening. No one knows how else to prevent it from happening again with another family members or community members until it's too late.

Working through these laborious hallow spots all alone, no one is fairly compensated.

Parents and children in blended families likewise have no avenues of shared financial relief, no incentives and no insurance offerings to protect their investments outside the current establishment. Parents and children in both circumstances get overtaxed in the middle without a "money in the middle" treasury mechanisms - without reverse gravity.

What one parent alone, let alone one child alone, can keep it all together when the world is pulling their lives all apart?

Filllz liberates and relieves or prevents pain. It eases systemic pinch-points and allows a more accessible voice. A tangible "seat at the table" while other decisions are being formed.

It would let bullied children everywhere feel safer with options of light ahead of time.

It would help the most vulnerable victims, whole families, and blended families like adding the internet to their homes instead of just going to the library when they need information, diversity and security.

It would let the poor and underserved have family sustainable opportunities too. In other words, it doesn't change anything. It just adds value to everyone!!!

How the new market Filllz award-cryptocurrency-exchange works:

100% super environmentally, family and humanity friendly!